Our films

In addition to the main website of the Scottish Documentary Institute and the Scottish Documentary Blog, we publish websites for the following productions:

Buttons_SDI_FML.jpgFuture My Love

Future My Love is a unique love story challenging our collective and personal utopias in search of freedom: "Economy is a human relationship." Featuring 95-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project.

Buttons_SDI_BRT.jpgI Am Breathing

A film about the thin space between life and death. With five months left to live, paralyzed from the neck down by Motor Neurone Disease, 34-year-old Neil ponders how to write a letter about his life to his baby son.

Buttons_SDI_SCR.jpgStem Cell Revolutions

You've heard so much about stem cells. But what do they really do? Discover the history, evolution, and 'real science' of stem cell research in a film made in close collaboration by filmmakers and scientists.

Buttons_SDI_PBW2.jpgPablo's Winter

Pablo needs to stop smoking. Why? Because his wife, family and doctor say he should. But Pablo is a stubborn man. He has worked in the mercury mines of Almadén, Spain, risking his life daily.

Buttons_SDI_BDM.jpgDavid Millar Project

David Millar, one of the most compelling athletes Great Britain has ever produced, takes us on a visceral journey over the course of a single bike race. 

Buttons_SDI_AMY.jpgAmy on the Edge 

Life, death, and the power of the unconscious. Amy Hardie, filming. This website covers several films, including the acclaimed The Edge of Dreaming and new projects.

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